You survive a house fire by picking up the pieces and moving on. Accidents happen, so do house fires.

How can you survive a house fire? A house fire can happen any time at any given day, so it’s best to always prepare for this. Human as people are tragedy often deals a hard blow and people think that it’s the end of the world.

The United States Fire Administration (USFA) reported that in 2014, residential fires ranked second in the incident count. There were around 1.3 million homes razed to the ground at a cost of $11.6 billion in losses.

What if it happens to you?

Everyone can survive a house fire. The moment tragedy strikes, it is best to keep your composure, stick to the plan and avoid panic.

It is important to think clearly in the event of a house fire in order to avoid further harm or damage. You can clearly organize your thoughts and plan your next moves to get aid or relief.

Survive a house fire by calling 911 immediately

There are several signs your house may be on fire. Whenever you feel it happening, make sure you know how to act accordingly.

An acrid smell of burning fuel like wood, plastic or paper, squinty or painful eyes or faint explosive and crackling sounds.  Do not ignore these signs and investigate right away- these could be signs of a house fire.

If you cannot locate the source of these disturbances call 911 right away.

Survive a fire: Always prepare for the worst case scenario

Fire drills are not just for offices or commercial buildings, which can be done at home, too. It can help prepare your family for such an eventuality and they would know what to do next.

Create a fire escape plan and assign roles for every member of the family. This way you can avoid confusion and panic during a fire incident.

Make sure to plan ahead. You can devise a process for easy access to important documents that you can just snatch conveniently in a bag.  These can be legal documents, ownership certificates, a cellular phone, etc.

Make sure to only set aside the most important ones. Also, do the same with handy valuables like jewelry and other precious metals.

Avoid storing flammable or hazardous chemicals inside your home. Make sure they are stored properly in a tool shed or a suitable storage facility.

Call your home insurance provider

Make sure to inform your home insurance provider right away. When you survive a house fire, you would need an insurance agent or representative to facilitate your insurance claims.

The earlier your insurance provider is informed, the sooner they can process your claim. Always remember to read through the details of your home insurance policy, even before such an accident strikes.

Assess the damage

It would be wise to conduct your own assessment of damage caused by the fire. It is ideal to have a stock inventory to know how much damage was done. These can include things you may need to acquire as you move forward.

An inventory can help you sort out the damaged and undamaged possessions in your house.

Cooperate with investigators

Do not hesitate to provide full cooperation with fire investigators who need to report the events that took place. Insurance companies rely on the findings of fire investigators when they process your claims.

Your full cooperation can speed up the process and you may be able to receive your insurance claims at the soonest time possible.

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