Sell My House

Help me sell my house without worries, is it possible?

Yes, it is! In fact, if you’re asking yourself “who will sell my house?” VA Real Estate Solutions is the quick answer. We provide you with quick results and we can offer to purchase your property in cash without going through tons of paperwork or renovate your house before selling it.

We will help you find the best solution for your property or, better yet, we can provide you a fair cash offer right away.

When you start to think, “I need to sell my house”, you can ask for a free and NO OBLIGATION consultation regarding your property. You are assured of total confidentiality and all you need to do is fill out our form;

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sell my house

The reasons that are making people hesitate to sell their property are valid pain points that can be discouraging. Just the thought of paying for repairs, commissions, mortgage or regulatory fees could make you think twice about selling it.

Our goal is to help you find ways to sell your property in the most convenient yet legal and worry-free process.

We have been helping a lot of homeowners in the Hampton Roads area including Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Suffolk, Hampton and Newport News. Property owners have counted on us to help them sell their houses and the numerous positive reviews are proof that we are a reliable solutions provider.

When you think about selling your house fast, we can help you get immediate results without worrying about paying commissions, closing fees, repairs and other incidental expenses – we got that covered.

We will find ways to sell your idle property which could provide you with immediate funds in times of urgent financial needs. We don’t just find means to help you, but we provide quick and viable solutions because we understand how it feels to be in a dire situation.

If you say “I need to sell my house“, but hold back because of the current state it’s in, you don’t have to worry because we can help you right away.

There are several reasons to sell your property, so we make it simple and highly-beneficial for you. No matter what situation you are in, we understand you.


If you are going through a divorce and you need to sell your house, we have the solution for you.


If you need to sell your house because you are moving to another place, we have the solution for you.


If you are moving to a new place, we can get you moving along.


If your house is facing foreclosure, we can help you with that.


If you have properties just lying around and you need cash, we have the right answer for you.


If you are moving to a new place, we can get you moving along.

Get in touch with us now, because we can provide you with a quick solution to your needs. You can close in ten business days when you decide to agree with our quick and fair price offer for your property.

Let us help you get started right away by calling us at (757) 304-0058 and stop worrying about costs and other expenses.

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How To Sell My House Fast?
Sell My House Fast and Easy

Selling a property could be a demanding real estate transaction that presents a lot of challenges. For instance, it may take lots of time before a suitable buyer comes by and in some cases that may not even work out in “conventional financing” situations where a property seller may be in urgent need of cash.

As VA Real Estate Solutions, our purpose for existence is to help people like you who are thinking, “I need to sell my house.” We provide quick, fair cash offers, we are honest and up front and operate with the highest level of integrity.

You can request a FREE, 100% confidential, ZERO obligation consultation and fair cash offer by using the form in this page.

We have worked with many homeowners in the Hampton Roads area including Suffolk, Hampton, Newport News, Portsmouth, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. The many positive reviews we receive are a clear indication that we offer fair cash offers and that we truly aim to create a win-win situation. Besides, we also ensure that any transaction we are involved in will close on time without a seller having to wait for too long.

If you are thinking “I need to sell my house“, VA Real Estate Solutions enables you to sell your house fast for cash, without agent commissions, repairs, closing costs or any other expenses.

Every week we help people like you who want to sell their house and are looking for ways they can cash on properties they no longer need, and the good news is that we provide real solutions for real people facing real life problems and can help you too.

Many situations can force homeowners to consider selling their homes. As professionals, we fully understand the logic behind those reasons, and our mission is to ensure that we relieve homeowners from the burden of owning unwanted properties. If you are thinking “I need to sell my house,” regardless of the property’s condition or situation we can help you! This service is for you if you are;

1. Owning a property that is facing foreclosure
2. In urgent need of cash by selling a property
3. Owning a vacant property
4. A landlord tired of dealing with tenants
5. Having a divorce
6. Owning a property, you no longer need
7. Moving to a new location and you find it necessary to sell your current house

VA Real Estate Solutions has driven local professionals who truly desire to create real win-win situations. We provide quick, fair cash offers and can help you close in as little as 10 business days.

VA Real Estate Solutions has over 40 years of professional experience buying real estate, and for your convenience, we offer flexible working schedules and friendly service so feel free to call us at (757) 304-0058 if you have any additional questions.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you avoid “agent fees, commissions, and all the other unnecessary expenses.” Contact us today if you;

Want a fair treatment regarding property transaction deals we offer

– Need quick solution
– Want to avoid profit-eating fees, expenses, and commissions
– Want to dispose of your property within the shortest time limit possible

Our business has always been a success, and the many homeowners who come to us when they urgently need to sell their properties can confirm that.

If you are thinking, “I need to sell my house“, be certain you will be dealing with the right local professionals when you contact VA Real Estate Solutions.